A Little About Me (the store owner)

I’m Rio Nicole.

I’m a thirty-six-year old mother or four precious children. God has truly blessed me. Three girls and a boy.

I was a single mother for years, struggling to survive. I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business….

But before all of that… I worked as a para at a school, working with students every single day. I absolutely loved the job! It was so rewarding to me, knowing that I was making a positive impression on these amazing children.

Unfortunately, my ex took me to court and filed for child support because my oldest daughter still resides with him. The court magistrate imputed an income about $12,000 higher than I was actually making at the time, so it put me far behind in debt quickly.

As I already had a young son and daughter who needed latchkey and daycare, I had no choice but to quit that job and try to figure out how I could survive without paying my ex 50% of my paychecks and the other part of my income in daycare.

By the grace of God, my business started to slowly show signs of growing and now I make more than I did as a para! Although I am still struggling to get the arrears paid off, I’m doing my absolute best. This wouldn’t have happened without a few people who inspired and encouraged me.. God is SO good.

Never give up. Ever! Jump ahead to present day… and now my business is growing every single day! I have God to thank for that. And I also know my mom is looking down from heaven, smiling and hopefully very proud.

My goal is to provide gifts that bring some joy and happiness to anyone who receives them.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!


God bless and I hope you find some joy.