My Choice Was My Son

This article is all about what I had to go through  after deciding my son should stay with me and not be adopted out to a family of a friend.

His father kicked me out of his house when I was almost 5 months pregnant. Even though we were engaged, he suddenly said he didn’t want a baby and asked me to choose abortion… at 4 months. Um… that is called murder..

He was upset I said I couldn’t do it and on a Monday told me to be out by middle of the week. I had no where to go, I had no family back in New York. I begged him to let me stay atleast til the weekend so that I could ask my old roommate if I could move back in temporarily. Even though I told my ex I had no where to go, he said it wasn’t his problem.

Ofcourse come to find out weeks later, he had been seeing his ex girlfriend behind my back and within months they got married and had their own first child.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to move back to Kansas where the cost of living is cheaper and I had a support system. This also made it so I would have to leave my oldest daughter behind, because her father wouldn’t allow her to move with me. This decision broke me, completely. But I had to find that one piece of strength left and fight for my other daughter and my unborn son.

I faced many other things along the way, and still am to this day… but my kids get me through it. It’s all worth it to keep them happy, healthy and loved.